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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Part Four - The Wall & The Key

 Part Four

The Wall & The Key

“You are here again.”
“Hmm- excuse me?”
“Oh you didn’t notice me? You usually do.”
“Yes, I’m sorry, I usually do.”
“That is okay, this only occurs when you are distracted.”
“Y-yes,” my eyes inadvertently fall back upon the high wall in front of me. It stretched for as far as the eye could fathom and so tall as to fondle the clouds above.
A soft chuckle, “You wish to pass this wall? Circumvent this barrier?”
“You always have.”
“You say ‘again’ and ‘always’ as if I’ve been here before?”
“Oh yes, you have found yourself here occasionally, quite often recently though,” a knowing smile and that sparkle in his eyes that inclines me to believe that all will be revealed in its right time.
“I don’t recall the other times.”
“How often do you recall your dreams?”
“Seldom, and with partial detail at best,” I admitted.
“There is a lot we have forgotten, my friend. There are forgotten pieces of ourselves scattered hither and thither, misplaced or discarded – yet never truly gone. We must once again discover them and bring them together.”
“How could this prepare me to thwart this obstruction?”
“Once you have remembered the circumstances that lead to the materialization of this obstacle here you may realize the solution,” he said this closer to a suggestion than a statement.
“I don’t know what may lie beyond…”
“So why do you wish to pass it?”
“… I, I don’t know,” this wasn’t a reassuring realization for me.
“You do know, you must only remember!”
My hand reaches out to stroke the smooth surface of the wall; it was cold to the touch but brought back no sudden rush of memories. This was a futile attempt, I know, but suppose it helped me come to the inevitable conclusion sooner.
“Where do I find these pieces of myself?”
“An astute question. But first you must tell me why you wish to seek out these other elements?”
“I must know what they know.”
“But surely you know already, for they are you?”
“True, but if I have forgotten then shouldn’t it be likely that they remember?” I thought, “And if they are truly me then I am not truly whole until they once again become me. I must find me.”
With this epiphany a sudden piercing light smoulders to life at the foot of the wall where I stood. It traced a high rectangular shape upon the smooth surface of the rock before disappearing into the dirt again. These lines glowed a bright amber-gold. I touched the surface again with a fascinated curiosity and a keyhole appears as though the light forced itself through in this shape. I peer through the hole but it is too bright, I cannot discern anything through its intensity.
Now I find myself more determined then ever to gaze through this dense veil and ascertain what secrets it may hold beyond.
This is the Phase, surely I can muster the pure will to cast open this door… Raise my vibration and walk right through it, or take to the air and soar over its pinnacle.
“I do recall you attempted these exploits already in your previous visits, among other things, and every occasion the way remained closed. There is only one approach to open this door.”
I considered the keyhole, and wondered where I’d find such an item, even in the Phase. There was this irksome suspicion that it was probably in the possession of another self.
“What is the next step, my friend?” my Guide asks.
“Find the key, find myself.”
“Then I shall guide you and give you direction. Walk with me.”
As I turn to depart The Wall I know that the next time I find myself at its door will be with The Key in hand.

-From the journal of a Phase Drifter

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