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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Part Seven - The Outcast

Part Seven

The Outcast

“The Enemy is becoming bold, they know you draw closer to your goal. They cannot allow this lest they perish.”
“My goal? At what cost?”
“Many sacrifices must be made, but these sacrifices will never be in vain.”
“I don’t think I have the courage to persist.”
“Is that is the voice of the False Ego I hear? Do not doubt yourself, my friend.”
“These battles will take their toll on me.”
“These battles will strengthen you, the toll is a small price to pay.”
“Parts of you may seem like they perish, yet they never truly die. The Wanderer will have his energy redirected to its ordained purpose. Now rise, and fill the basin with the Fluid of Rejuvenation.”
So I did, returning to my feet and pushing aside my indignity I emptied the flask of its contents and the liquid filled the basin to its brim.
“What’s suppose to happen no-”
Crash! The ground moves beneath my feet and I am thrown sprawling to the floor. Frantic my hand gropes for the sword, my eyes dart around but everything is just a brilliant blur. So much light! Such Power, it’s unbearable!
A voice booms from the brightness, and its vicarious authority is disarming, the sword slips from my brittle grip.
“Who enters this sacred realm?”
The light fades and before me a commanding figure stands taller that the highest stone in the circle, “SPEAK!”
I’ve lost my voice, I can only stare, a pathetic figure I must’ve presented.
This imposing figure regards me with a calculating gaze, “Watcher, why have you brought him here? He is not ready!”
“That is for him to decide, Gate Keeper.”
He regards me again, “The way is sealed. You may not pass. Leave this place! And return only once you are prepared!” with that another bright flash erupts to engulf the environment and I am cast out.
I’m falling, I cannot see, I cannot scream, I cannot resist. Suddenly I strike a solid surface with immense force and my senses tentatively return. My mind is racing, trying to make sense of this all. This world once seemed to welcome me, now it only appears to be hostile. I’m numb, disorientated and wholly defeated. I lay there, in the impact crater of my own fall, unmoving.
I don’t recall how much time passed before she arrived. But when she came the mood shifted, she brought with her a pacifying calm and this was the first thing I noticed. I see her hover over me, her beauty- like the sunrise over an ocean, is mesmerizing and disarming. Spellbound, I offer no struggle, I am hers. And if this should be the Legion of The False Ego they may take me now- I relinquish. I relinquish. I relinquish.
She takes me in her embrace.
I am carried away.
I relinquish…

-From the journal of a Phase Drifter

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